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We started in Los Angeles teaching new home seekers the value of investing in rental property before buying a Luxury home. Owning a small portfolio of rental properties for income and tax advantage makes the Net Worth and Income much more robust for a Luxury Home purchase. We maintained the focus when we moved to the Atlanta Market.


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Our Family has been at your Service since 1988. We have managed our Income Tax and Bookkeeping firm, Mortage Firm, Insurance Firm, and Real Estate Business as a Trusted Resource for your family.

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Real Estate remains essential for tax-advantaged equity growth well into the future. For investors seeking income, growth, and tax benefits, commercial real estate has a bright future at home and internationally. 

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As Trust Agents, we have worked hard to prove our commitment to our clients so that your residential and commercial investments provide you with the benefits you seek for yourselves and your families. 


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We take the privilege of your trust seriously. We preview homes, and study the local real estate market. This is our first step in knowing and understanding market trends so you can invest in real estate with confidence.


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Your experience is unique. Some people need education about real estate ownership; some people need financial direction, We continually train and seek education on productive ways to market homes for sale, and quickly locate homes available for sale.


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Your are passionate about real estate, and we are too. Whether your first contact is via social media, email, or in-person, you are held in the highest regard. From our initial contact, we are guiding you through the process of becoming an investment home owner.


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Our real estate business goes back to 1988. We began tax and bookkeeping services in 1991. We have maintained a spirit of trust and openness with our clients throughout our tenure.

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A White Curved House

Experience a new level of luxury at this state-of-the-art residence nestled in Atlanta’s vibrant heart. Its striking white curvature, a marvel of contemporary architecture, makes an unmissable statement. Every detail in this ultra-modern house has been intricately conceived to cater to those with an affinity for high-end living and unconventional aesthetics. Revel in the unparalleled sweeping views that perfectly frame the bustling Atlanta skyline, transporting you to a world of comfort and class in the heart of the city.

The Black Box Home

Nestled in the pulse of Atlanta’s vibrant heartbeat lies this architecturally captivating “Black Box” residence, a true pinnacle of modern design infused with indulgent luxury and eco-conscious features. With its custom-crafted, energy-efficient materials, this home is projected to be an iconic statement of sustainability in Atlanta’s upmarket residential scene.